Organic Rose Petal Bliss Jam


A consistent best seller: Organic Rose Petal Bliss Jam!

Rose is a high vibration flower and eating this jam will fill your heart with instant delicious bliss! Rose is cooling to the blood and body and alkaline too making this jam medicinal and a decadent treat!

Rose balances sadhaka pitta, the sub-dosha of pitta that governs the emotions and their effects on the heart. It's cooling, but is beneficial for all three doshas. It soothes the heart and mind, and balances the emotions.

"When I come across a person who is feeling emotionally insecure, a little suspicious or sad for no reason, I recommend that the person take 1-2 teaspoons of Organic Bliss Rose Petal Jam before thinking more about the problem. This immediately pacifies Sadhaka Pitta, and right away the person starts to think more positively.”

Spread on toast, eat by the spoonful or add to a cup of warm milk for instant upliftment!!!

4 oz glass mason jar

Contains: Organic rose petals, organic raw sugar, pectin, citric acid.

* These statements have not been valadated by the FDA and probably never will be.  Do your own research into what you may need and seek qualified health care professionals when needed.

Organic Rose Petal Bliss Jam