In Ayurveda it is told that the healing actions that take place in the first 42 days after a baby is born will determine the next 40 years of health for the mama and baby. 

This Ayurvedic blend of organic herbs and spices was created to deeply nourish mama's body, mind and spirit after the birth of her little miracle!!  When taken along with WARM, MOIST, FRESH and OILY foods, this Ayurvedic churna will deeply heal the body and allow balance to be restored to the entire physiology.  This will eliminate the likelihood for vata-type complications such as: anxiety, insecurity, dryness, constipation, insomnia, gas, indigestion, and postpartum depression. 

Here are the ingredients and their benefits:

Lodhra Bark: Firms and tones the uterus and surrounding ligaments, reduces bleeding, helps to properly reorganize the systems of the body after childbirth.

Anantamul: enhances breast milk production, safely brings toxins out of the body through the urinary tract, pacifies all three doshas.

Tulsi: Helps to balance emotions, rebuilds mental and physical agni (digestive fire). Adaptogenic: Assists the body in adapting to stress.

Shatavari: Helps to produce breast milk, balances hormones, helps with alleviating hemorrhoids, also adaptogenic: helps combat stress, soothing and offers nourishment to the nervous system.

Ashwagandha: Gives strength to the mental and physical bodies.

Coriander: Purifies breast milk, rebuilds agni (digestive fire), cleans the blood, safely removes toxins through the urinary tract.

Cumin: Enhances absorption of vitamins and minerals, rebuilds agni (digestive fire), cleans the uterus.

Fenugreek: Rebuilds agni (digestive fire), enhances sugar and fat metabolism, enhances breast milk production, cleans uterus, encourages bowel movement.

Rose:  Reduces bleeding in the uterus, softens grief, balances emotions, opens the heart, balances all three doshas, helps to balance agni (digestive fire).

Contains 60 capsules of all organic herb and spice blend with NO added FILLERS in 100% vegetable based capsules. 

To use: Take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening continuously for 6-8 weeks postpartum OR anytime during the postpartum period. Balancing for all women in their postpartum time inclusing 10-20 years after birth.  Can be taken as soon as possible after birth.  For best results, also take with our Postpartum Ghee and your encapsulated placenta.

"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease." 

Postpartum Rejuvenation Blend